January 12-15th, 2023 in Steamboat

This body-oriented course will take a deep somatic dive into the nature of resilience and trauma. Students will gain a felt sense understanding of both the autonomic nervous system and the resilient and wise fluids of the body.

This course will explore the nature of trauma and the role of the autonomic nervous system in both remembering and resolving difficult experience. Class exercises and lectures will create opportunities for students to learn both about how the nervous system works and about their own nervous system and its challenges and strengths.

One of the strengths of the nervous system is its ability to live and grow in simultaneous time, a timeframe central to Indigenous communities across the globe. Our bodies can instantly remember more than one memory at the same time, all while experiencing something right now. One way to describe what someone experiences when triggered is this collision.

Students will learn skills to help recognize when a reaction is coming from another time or multiple other times which collide in the present. They will do this through a deepened understanding of the three branches of the autonomic nervous system: parasympathetic, sympathetic and social.

This class will include dyad work at tables and seated as well as individual and group experiential exercises, meditation, lecture and anatomy. This course is created for people with previous bodywork experience.

The course will be taught biodynamically, oriented to the coherent, timeless intelligence within and around us. Exploring trauma and the nervous system through a Biodynamic lens is a reliable route to re-framing our past challenges and building resiliency in the autonomic nervous system.

Course Content Includes:

  • The components of the Biodynamic Paradigm & Relational Field
  • The anatomy, physiology and Intelligence in each branch of the ANS
  • Fluid dynamics and the fluid field
  • Differentiating activation from potency within fluid
  • The nature of trauma and resiliency
  • Framing and mapping the Window of Presence and self-regulation
  • Recognition of Hyper/Hypo/Resourced ANS states

About the Instructor:

Margaret Rosenau, MA, RCST, SEP is the owner, lead instructor and director of the School of Inner Health in Denver.

She has over fifteen years of teaching experience and is an approved teacher for the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America, (CSTA-NA). She is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist (2003), Somatic Experiencing® practitioner (2002), Pre and Perinatal Therapist (2004) and Polarity Therapist (1998) Margaret has a remarkable capacity to support students and clients from a place of depth and breadth. The human body is truly her medium for connecting people to the aliveness within themselves and the world.